Quick Start

Getting started with Spindl is as simple as installing the JS SDK. You can browse more details and configuration in the JS SDK Documentation.

Spindl is in closed beta. To get access, please fill out our beta waitlist, and we'll get back to you soon.

Install SDK

npm install @spindl-xyz/attribution
yarn add @spindl-xyz/attribution

Initialize SDK

import spindl from "@spindl-xyz/attribution";
// import spindl from "@spindl-xyz/attribution-lite" // only for lite version customers

  sdkKey: "<your SDK API key here>",


// Call this whenever a wallet address is connected or changed
function onWalletConnect(address: string) {

React, Next.js and HTML Examples

Check if Events Are Sent Correctly

Once you start sending events, you can go to your organization Event Logs page of our web app to validate that events are being passed in correctly

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