🖇️Custom Domains

By default, Spindl's short links look like: https://spindl.link/b2b3ec7a5

Spindl supports custom domains as well, so you can have links like https://link.mydapp.com/12345.

DNS Changes

To set up a Custom Domain, you need to make two simple changes to your DNS settings:

  1. Create a CNAME record pointing the custom subdomain to Spindl's redirect server (custom-domains.spindl.click.)

  2. Create a TXT record for SSL certificate validation & creation (this is specific to each subdomain)

As an example, here is what this should look like in different providers:

  • Cloudflare (for the subdomain l)

  • Namecheap (for the subdomain link)

After configuring records, it can take up to a few hours for the changes to propagate and the SSL certificate to be generated.

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