Making the crypto cash register ring

Attribution system is the capital 'T' Truth of a media ecosystem, establishing what upstream publisher or action--a click on a Tweet, an Instagram ad--led to some valuable downstream user action like an install or a purchase.

In its pure and perfect form, attribution lets you measure along what's known as the marketing 'funnel': the narrowing cohort of users who progressively advance from Discord post to click to wallet sign-in to some on-chain (or off-chain) user action. If you know how you monetized 'down funnel' inside your app experience, and you know how much you spent getting the users there (either via paid media like ads, or even organic media like blog posts), then you can calculate your 'ROAS' (return on advertising tech has lots of acronyms). Pristinely, it looks somewhat like this:

If ROI > 1, you have a viable business. If it isn' don't. This is the unforgiving math of any business, digital or analog. The difference is in the digital world you can (almost) measure all of it out to four decimals.

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