iOS (Swift) SDK

Install Using Swift Package Manager (requires Xcode 12+)

  1. In Xcode, select File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency.

  2. Paste the URL and a minimum semantic version of v1.0.1. You can see in the tags sections, our latest releases.

Initialize SDK

Initialize the SDK with your API key upon launching the app, usually in the AppDelegate, or App protocol implementor:

import SpindlSDK

struct MyApp : App {

  init() {
    Spindl.initialize("<your API key goes here>")

Track Events

Track events with the track method:

  • name is required

  • properties are optional

private func myButtonTappedExample() async throws {
    try await Spindl.shared.track(name: "myButtonTapped", properties: ["view":"MyFancyView","otherProperty":"Another one"])

Identify Users

Once customers enter their customer ID (such as email) and/or wallet information (e.g., after logging in), connect that to the analytics by calling the identify method of the Spindl singleton:

private func saveUserIdentityExample(wallet: String?, email: String?) async throws {
    try await Spindl.shared.identify(walletAddress: wallet, customerUserId: email)

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