Android SDK

Install Using Android Studio

  1. Open the Project Structure dialog (File > Project Structure...).

  2. Choose Dependencies from the left pane, then the main module (e.g. app).

  3. Click the + button in the Declared Dependencies pane, and choose 1 Library Dependency from the popup menu to open the Add Library Dependency dialog.

  4. In the Add Library Dependency dialog, type xyz.spindl under Step 1 and press the Search button.

  5. Choose the xyz.spindl | sdk result from the results table, and the highest version available.

  6. Make sure implementation is selected under Step 2, and press OK.

Initialize SDK

Setup a Spindl instance, e.g. in MainActivity:

class MainActivity : ComponentActivity() {
    private lateinit var spindl: Spindl

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

        val apiKey = getString(R.string.spindlApiKey)
        lifecycleScope.launch {
            spindl = Spindl(context = applicationContext, lifecycleOwner = this@MainActivity)
            spindl.initialize(apiKey = apiKey)

Track Events

Track events with the track method:

  • name is required

  • properties are optional

val properties = JsonObject()
properties.addProperty("prop1Key", "prop1Value")

spindl.track("eventName", properties)

Identify Users

Once customers enter their customer ID (such as email) and/or wallet information (e.g., after logging in), connect that to the analytics by calling the identify method:

spindl.identify(walletAddress = wallet, customerUserId = userId)

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