Spindl is a measurement and attribution platform for Web 3. What that means is we can tell you where your users came from (Twitter? Telegram? An on-chain airdrop?) and what they did on-chain while inside your dApp. In other words, did they generate revenue? Did they stick around? Did they cost too much to acquire?

(If you're a Web 2 marketer who got crypto-pilled like us, think of us like a Web 3 Branch or Adjust or AppsFlyer, with some added Web 3 magic.)

Visually, the unique views you get inside Spindl look as so: Web 2 channels like Twitter appearing, correctly attributed!, next to Web 3 ones like quests and on-chain rewards.

If the wonky-sounding term 'attribution' doesn't mean anything to you, click on the link at bottom to learn more. If you just want the quick-start guide:

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