➡️Tracking Custom Events

For more detailed understanding of how users interact with your application, you can track custom events across your application.

Custom events are introduced in version 1.2.1 of attribution npm sdk so please make sure to update your library to latest version.


After you initial the Spindl SDK, you can call track on any interactions you want to track:

import spindl from "@spindl-xyz/attribution";
// import spindl from "@spindl-xyz/attribution-lite" // only for lite version customers

// Track a basic event

// Track events with optional properties
const additionalProperties = {
  value: 55,
  filterSelected: true,
  color: "red"

// optionally add user identity properties 
const identityProperties = {
  address: "0x1234...",
  customerUserId: "will@smith.com"

spindl.track('button_clicked', additionalProperties, identityProperties);

SDK Method

To make data easily queryable, we have put the following restrictions on properties:

    event_name: string,
    event_properties?: Record<string, any>,
    identity_props?: {
        address?: string;
        customerUserId?: string;
): void


  • event_name (required): Min 3 & max 100 characters. Must be lower/uppercase alphanumeric. _:- symbols are allowed

  • event_properties (optional): Must be a valid JSON object. Max size 16KB & object keys & values cannot exceed 1,000 characters

  • identity_props (optional): You can pass in user props address and customerUserId to improve identity matching

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