Installation via NPM/Yarn

The Spindl SDK is a lightweight npm package. You can install it here:

npm install @spindl-xyz/attribution
yarn add @spindl-xyz/attribution

Unsure of whether to use attribution or attribution-lite? Reach out and we can help you choose the right option for you and your customers.

Initialization via library

The Spindl SDK only needs to be configured once in a browser or Node session.

  • If you're using Next.js, in page router, you can do this in pages/_app.tsx

    • If using app router, you need to implement it in a client side component

    • For example on how to implement in either one, checkout our examples repo.

import spindl from "@spindl-xyz/attribution";

  sdkKey: "<your SDK API key here>",
  debugMode: true/false, // we recommend only to have debugMode=true when testing.
  // you will see console.logs of emitted events in browser

Installation via Script/CDN

Add async script tag at the top of html file within head tag. Please make sure you to use your sdk key.


Initialization via Script

Script automatically is instantiated and will track page view events & wallet connect events so you don't need to do anything

You will still be able to fire custom "Wallet Connects" & "Page Views" if you want by accessing spindl via window object. Example:

    (async () => {
     async function manualPageView() {
      await window.spindl.pageView();
     async function manualWalletConnect(address) {
      await window.spindl.attribute(address);

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