Javascript SDK

Spindl's SDK is the bridge that connects Web2 to Web3, by associating actions on your dApp's website to on-chain actions.

The SDK enables two important events:

  1. Wallet Connects: These events associate a Web2 session with a Web3 wallet. These can be fired on page load and wallet change events.

  2. Page Views: These events lets you instrument page views, to better track user journeys and your conversion funnel.


Each customer of Spindl needs their own SDK Key to use the SDK. If you don't already have an SDK key, you can generate one on the Settings page in the Spindl app.


The Spindl SDK is available in two privacy modes:

  • Default: The default Spindl SDK behaves the same exact same way as other major analytics providers, whether Google Analytics, Twitter, or large attribution platforms like Branch or AppsFlyer: a combination of cookies and calculated device identifiers roughly unify a user journey across many different apps and experiences.

  • Lite: In our ‘privacy safe’ version, we intentionally assign a transient device identifier to any Web 2 user touchpoint, refreshing the pseudonym regularly and essentially deleting any persistent data about that device. This is how Plausible and other privacy-aware services popular among some Web 3 projects work.

Both SDKs have the same API, and can be substituted between each other. The only difference is which package to install and import.

Unsure which model to choose? Reach out and we can help you find the right solution for your app and your customers.

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